Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Estero de Platano

If you make it to Estere de Platano you are far off the beaten path in Peru.  There are no busses that go directly here.  There are not hotels.  But on the West Coast of Ecuador this is a Little Beach town with a lot of culture.
The beach is literally covered in tiny gold flakes.  There was someone out on the beach scavengering for flakes.  IT comes from a river that dumps out nearby.  Other than that the Sound is completely black and the waves break at a very average size, nothing special for surf.

Nearby town of Galeta even further off the beaten path.  Not much here for tourists but a vibrant community of locals.

One of the best things you Can drink in Ecuador.  A Fiora Vanti.  Kinda like a cream soda in Canada.  One bottle like this goes for about 40 american cents.

Callero (street dog) roaming in front of this tienda with the Pony Malta advertisement in the background.  Lots of street dogs here.  For the most part they are tame and you dont have to worry.  The street doggs own the streets.  Sometimes it feels like the cities are more for the dogs than the people. 

Next up off to Peru and Xmas

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