Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Playa Escondita, Ecuador

Got my first volunteer gig of the travels at Playa Escondita.  You can take a taxi there, however I opted to hitchhike to save a little money.  Met this thug gangster in the back of the truck.

 Playa Escondita is a wonderful eco lodge that has been owned by a Canadian for 20 years.  She has built some amazing accomodations and kitchens.  It is definitely one of the nicest and most beautiful spots on the Ecuadorian coast.  The most tranquil spot for sure and the most delicious lobster I have had in my life.  Judith, the Canadian Expàt originally from Vancouver, has all sorts of accomodations to stay in.  I stayed in a tent and volunteered but there was definitely a type of accomodation for everyone, from the budget backpacker to the person looking for a rustic cabina or ritzy house.  I even met another Canadian that had bought a lot off of here and moved to Ecuador to start a new life and build a house.

Check out the link if you are interested:  www.playa-escondida.com/
 Near the main beach is this cave.  I was able to even grab a faint internet signal in this cave.  Cave-Fi!!!

The beaches here are so tranquil and if you go looking you can find great surf spots too.  The towns nearby are very typical ecuadorian and not touristy at all.  but a spot like this gives you acess to them.  Some of these towns are Playa Escondita, Galera and Cabo San Francisco.

One day I got so lucky.  the yellow leaves started to fall and I was camping in a bed of beautiful yellow flowers.  A true paradise!  I asked the lot staff and they said this only happens once a year.

A few days of volunteering and back on the road south.  Want to make it to Peru for Xmas, taking the Pacific Coast all the way to Guayaquil.

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