Thursday, December 18, 2014

Mompiche and Canoa

After volunteering and working my butt off I decided it was time to head to Mompiche.  Mompiche is a small and tranquil surfing town on the coast of Ecuador.  There are more surfer bums per capita than any other place I have ever been too.  That being said it is a very quiet city for most of the week and not a party place if thats what you are looking for.  It was the perfect tranquil spot for me to unwind.

The big wave in Mompiche is a right hander.  It comes into this coral reef and the good surfers ride right over the coral with no fear.  
Renting boogie boards and surf boards from my two American friends Walker and Reid.  Ran into these boys in Quito and then again on the bus to Mompiche.  Had a blast with them.
The beach of Mompiche.... desserted and tranquil.  Watch out for Jelly fish though. they will get you.  I got JF'd once while I was here.

After a couple days in tranquil Mompiche it was time for a change of scenery.  Made it to Canoa which many people had been talking about.  Lots of extranjeros (foreigners) here.  So many American retirees that have bought cheap land and live the life in a beach town.  It was my favorite spot on the coast.  It had the perfect mix of ecuadorian coastal town and gringo tourist destination.  The seafood was good and everything was very cheap. It  gets a little bit dodgy though.  Trade all the local surf bums of Mompiche for beach bums and drug addicts that hang around town partying. No one too dedicated to the surfer bum life but more the sketchy beach bum life, staying up until 5am doing drugs on the beach. Its definitely a good party spot but I was living with one woman that had her phone stolen while walking on the beach during the afternoon on a weekday.  The man also injured her arm in the violent assault.  People are desperate here and some do have a hate on for gringoes.  You definitely have to have your guard up a little more in Canoa.  But I love it, I was stuck here for a week.  Any time you want to buy something it involves walking through the neighborhood asking locals and getting sent in different directions.  This is the case for Shrimp, alchohol and fruits.  Eventually you are lead to a house of a local person that is also a vendor.  It was a lot of fun shopping here and a good way to practice my spanish.  Definitely go here.  Of all the things I said about how dodgy it is,  I am sure it is way nicer than Mantanita.  Mantanita is the major beach destination and party destination in Ecuador.  Unfortunately I did not make it there on this trip, because after Cartagena I did not feel like any giant, beach tourist hot spots where the locals prey on gringoes for their living.

Shot of the beach in Canoa.  Boom Boom.
Sting rays on the beach.  Don't get Steve Irwined.  

As a side note one girl from Red Deer did get Steve Irwined on her ankle.  She said it was the second most painful experience of her life.  Second to living in Red Deer.
My boy Reid getting ready to hit the waves.  Surfs Up¡

I wish I had more pictures of Canoa but my camera broke here.  I didnt get a new one until Guayaquil.

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