Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Nazca Lines

The Nazca lines were recently made famous through Greenpeace Activism.  The town of Nazca really does not have anything to offer besides these lines.  I somehow got stuck here for three days though recovering from low energy caused by too many bus rides.  Of course i made it out to the lines.  But rather than paying the Seventy dollars to fly over the lines in planes,  I paid about three dollars to take a public bus to the Mirador and the entrance to the Mirador Itself.
 This line I am not entirely sure what it is but is definitely beauitful.
 Another line, who knows?
 Heres me in front of the lines.  When you pay to take the plane you see about ten lines.  But from the Mirador you only see two.  But its the truest original gypsy way to see the lines

 Here is a shot of the Mirador that you climb to see the lines.  It costs one dollar to get in.

 This poster explains why I have decided to become a Vegetarian.  I think it was just a poorly designed poster, but it really helps showcase the problems that vegetarians have eating in Peru.

All in all, you really only need one day max to see Nazca.  Some bus companies offer so that you do not even have to stop in Nazca.  You can just stop at the Mirador and carry on your bus to Lima or Arequipa.

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