Friday, January 16, 2015

Peru: Trash Hike 2015

Misti Volcanoe is near the City of Arequipa in Peru.  It stands at 5800 m.  Remember the tallest Mountain in the Canadian Rockies isn't even 4000 m.  Late one morning, a German guy and I decided we would hike to Misti.

From the town of Arequipa we walked around the city trying to find a bus.  With no luck and being constantly set off in different directions when asking people for help, we eventually paid a taxi driver to drive us a bit.  He drove us through a Flavala and eventually dropped us off at the cemetery.  He pointed at four trees and told us to walk there.
The first part of the walk was through the city dump.  Enchanting nature and temperate desert climate dominate the ambience of this tranquil Peruvian landscape.  This hike had everything and the kitchen sink... literally, if you look closely enough.  We even found half of a metal police badge on the ground, but we had to leave it behind because it was too heavy to hike up the mountain.
Past the trash and on the road to the Volcanoe.  This part of the hike would have been nice to have paid someone with a four by four to drive us this road which took us four hours to walk.  To the left you can barely make out the four trees we had to walk to.
Finally arrive at the four trees just in time for Sunset.  The entire walk was just cactuses and then at a higher elevation there are these four trees.
Natural sunset ambience so beautiful you are sure you could be in Africa.
And what do you know?  Some sort of ruins hanging out nearby.  Who needs Machu Pichu when you have The Trash Hike Ruinas.
Off in the distance another range.  I believe this one to be called Chachani.
Near our camp crosses and litters of empty bottles.  We were the only people camping here this night, but with the amount of empty bottles, you could tell there had been many good times at this spot.
Sunset at last.
Shot of Misti at Sunset.
Shot of the town of Arequipa.  800,000 people live in this city, the second biggest in Peru.
The next morning, with no more water, and me having to start my job in the evening, we decided to turn back without summitting.  Another failed attempt at a volcanoe in South America for me.  But still a great one day camping trip.
And on the walk out, the luscious nature of trash hike overwhelms the senses.  My friend Stephane from Germany leading the way.

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