Monday, September 1, 2014

Dias Dos

OK.  Second day in Buenos Aires.  Went to school, learned a lot, went out on a nice walk, went out to party, forgot everything I learned.  Most of these pictures are from the walk in town I took in the afternoon.

This is on my walk to school.  Buenos Aires is such a huge city!!!!! I was walking with a local today down a street like this and they got lost and were not sure where they were.  There are about 10,000 spots in my estimation in Buenos Aires that look like this.

A pic of my class and some of my classmates working hard at planning where we will be partying tonight.

Graffiti tags on the walk home from school.  Literally every store, apartment and business in Buenos Aires is littered in graffiti tags, and they never get buffed (removed).

A kiosk in a mall in Buenos Aires.  These kind of stores are really popular in the downtown touristy area that I am staying.  Again there are like 4 billion of these stores.  Literally in every mall there are about ten stores all selling the same trinkets (mate cups, thermos´s and Che Guevera Lighters).

Another kiosk.

Burger King is really big down here.  Probably even bigger than McDonalds.  I am pretty sure this is a sign of high culture.

Dirty (Buenos Aires) Snitches

This guy was just waving a flag in the middle of the street.  He was actually controlling the traffic so that the pedestrians could cross the street.  The city must pay him.

A grocery store I bought fruit in in Buenos Aires.  So far I have found fruit to be about the same price as Canada.  A mango and an orange for about $3 Canadian (30 pesos).

 Beautiful restaurant patio and some construction.  So much construction going on on the streets of BA right now.  I think its just cause its Winter.

Busy Street Crossing.  Starting to get closer to rush hour.  This is downtown at a fancy hotel street corner in the business district.

 Ran into this amazing park on my walk.  look at the Golden Lamp posts. 
 Traffic trying to jaywalk to the park.  Good thing I have health insurance ;)
 Kids playing soccer at a statue in the park.
 Offices in downtown Bunos Aires
 Beautiful views from the same park.

 Beautiful Tower in Buenos Aires getting close to the Ocean (but still havent seen it yet)
 Railtracks in downtown in the port district.  Not sure if they are still operational.
 In Buenos Aires when your car breaks down, you don´t call the Kidney Foundation.  You just push it to the sidewalk and leave it there.  JK this is the only car I saw like this.  Buenos Aires is a very clean and beautiful city.
 Walked by what looked like a jalopy shanty town on the side of these railtracks.  Walked inside and turns out....

It was another mall with thousands of small kiosks selling stuff.  This one was slightly more reasonalbly priced than the ones in the touristy area.

 Walked across the busy street to the Subway Station.
 Stopped at this place to see if it was a nightclub.  Turns out it sells Panchos, which are essentially hot dogs.  Hot dogs are very popular in Buenos Aires.  Fifty percent of the meals in my kitchen hostel involve hot dogs it seems so far.

 Riding the Subway.  In Buenos Aires it costs 5 pesos (about 50 cents) to take the subway.  You pay with digital cards that you can recharge at virtually any kiosk or tienda in the city.  You scan them at a turnstill at the subway station.

Beautiful tiles on the walls of the Subway Station.

 During Rush Hour the Subway Stations get very busy.  But the trains run all the time.  There are four different legs of Subway tracks that all connect at some points.
 Official Taxis in Buenos Aires.
 A Main street during Rush Hour.
 Went to a fancy restaurant for dinner.  They Keep soap in a Fish Bowl.  I guess you are supposed to dip your hand in it
 Shot of the restaurant.
 Free Bread you get as an appetizer which they end up charging you 14 pesos for.  Not bad, the dip is very rich and made of blue cheese.
 Argentina is notorious for steaks.  This particular cut was called Beef Chorize (avec frits).  It was delicious but definitely on par with the best Alberta beef I have ever had.  In Argentina it is polite to sprinkle salt on your steak.
 Outside shot of my restaurant.

 A kid on the street corner handing out leaflets/coupons to a restaurant.  This is very common in the touristy parts of Buenos Aires.  I am not sure what they pay these kids but they are literally out there all day.  Hopefully they make more than a free meal but maybe they are family with the restaurant owners.

Alright.  Another Day in BA, another Parade in Paradise!  Thanks for reading.

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