Tuesday, September 2, 2014

How to be a Student and a Tourist in Buenos Aires

 Alright.  Night out at the club in Buenos Aires.  This is what you get when you empty your pockets

Went to an amazing sandwhich Shop for lunch.  Ordered a Milanesa Mesicana Sandwhich.  It was the huge one behind the glass in the top picture.  Had fried flat pòrk steak and guacamole on it.  Not bad for 35 pesos (about 3 US dollars).

 This is the Pink House.  It is the executive mansion of the President of Buenos Aires.  In the foreground you can see the Plaza De Mayo.
 This is the Catholic Church in the heart of downtown Buenos Aires that my homeboy Pope Bennedict used to work at.  He is not in town right now but when he gets back from the Vatican me and him are gonna cook up some delicious eggs Benny`s just like old times.
 Signs protesting the British invasion of the Falkland Islands.  I had no idea people even cared about this anymore.  They are tiny islands and this took place in the seventies... get over it.  The fact of the matter is these islands are virtually useless and the climate is not even that nice there. 
 Graves for the Navy soldiers that died when their boat was sunk by the Brits in the Falkland Wars.  OK I admit Britain crossed the line on this one... Bad Margaret Thatcher.  But everyone agrees she was an idiot.

Inside Pope Bennedicts old Catholic Church Digs.

 This room in the church was dedicated to a leader that freed Peru from Spanish control a few centuries ago.  It was heavily guarded.
 Rooftop shot in the church.

 Gold and Stained glass windows.  One things for sure, Catholic churches don't skimp on the decorations.
 Walking down Buenos Aires on the way to Boca.
 Massive intricate sandcastle being built.

 Another typical street shot of BA.
 Inside a store that I was walking by.

 New Bicycle Shop in Buenos Aires.  bikes aren't cheap here.  The pink kids one in the window goes for about 300 US dollars.  Maybe this was just an expensive shop.
 Stadium where the big soccer games in Buenos Aires go down.
 Decorative Bicycle on Sidewalk, getting close to Boca.
 More beautiful BA street art.
 Group of Argentine school kids touring Boca.  This is a low income part of town that caters to tourists.  On the weekends there are big markets.  It was wednesday but there was still a lot of markets and tango demonstrations going on.
 Tango dancers on a restaurant patio.  This is all a demonstration and a show and not a lesson for tourists.  There are a lot of lesson options and I am considering doing some.

  Vibrantly Colored buildings in the neighborhood of Boca, Buenos Aires.
 There is a women in Calgary called knit girl that does these kind of works on bike racks, trees and fire hydrants .  But this is completely next level.
 Harbour shot from Boca while waiting for the bus.  This is the first time I have seen the water in my three days in BA.  The water is completely filthy and there is nowhere to swim in Buenos Aires.  It is a port harbour though so this could happen anywhere.  Once you get more into the ocean you can swim.  Uruguay is a three hour ferry ride away where there is good swimming.
 Took bus back downtown.  Homeless guy living the lounge life.  There is something to say about the culture of Buenos Aires and how doing nothing and relaxing are very important.  Many of the Buenos Aires activities involve sitting, relaxing and enjoying good times with friends without a worry to have to be somewhere else or get something else done.  This is an area of culture shock that I am having a difficult time adapting to.

On Florida Street during rush hour with tourists galore.

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