Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Beers of Argentina

 (Stella Modelled by Pillar from Paraguay)
European Beers are common in Argentina.  This is a Stella Artois.  You can also find the Stella Noir and Heieneken very easily.  I try and stay away from the European beers because they are slightly overpriced.  They are still brewed in Argentina at the Quilmes factory.  All the best beers come in 1 liters.  This beer will set you back around 25 pesos-35 pesos.
(Quilmes modelled by Vivi from Paraguay)
Quilmes is a nasty beer.  I like it but the Argentinians and the Brazillians think it is disgusting.  The shitty beer in Argentina is still way better than the shitty beers in Canada (Boxer, Lucky, Bow Valley etc.)  Expect this beer to set you back 13 pesos for a 1 liter.  Its better than Corona because it actually has a nice body.  Its a great beer to share with broke ass friends and to use while playing beer pong.
(Imperial modelled by Claudia from Paraguay)
Imperial is my favorite Argentinian beer.   They have about five different brands of it.  This is a new one I forget the name.  My favorite is the Scotch and the more typical Amber Lager.  It is a classy beer that you want to bring to dinner parties and classy nights of good times.  This one will set you back 20-25 pesos but it is definitely worth it.  Be careful drinking this beer.  Everyone will ask you if they can have some because it is so good.  Giovanni in the background is poking his head into the picture to ask Claudia if he can have some beer.  In true Argentinian fashion she shared it with him.
This is a shot of the beer in a store in Chinatown.  Some very delicious Argentinian Beers to be found here.  And good prices too.  I would definitely recomend Chinatown as a good place to go to save a couple pesos on beer.  Look at that Imperial for 19 pesos.  The beeres for 33 pesos near the bottom left are the only micro-brews that are common to buy in Argentina.

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