Thursday, September 25, 2014

Living the Cheap Life and Having Fun in Buenos Aires

 Today me and some friends from the hostel decided to use the free bicycle services of the City of Buenos Aires.  After a 2.5 hour bureaucratic nightmare of walking around town to different Bicycle Stations to find one that had a camera to take our picture for registration (there are over 40 stations in the city each with two staff and dozens of bicycles), we came to our fourth station and had some luck.  Once you are signed up it is a breeze and you can freely rent bicycles at your pleasure.  You only have them for an hour but you can renew that hour by visiting another bicycle station.  They operate on a three strike rule so you are allowed to be late three times before they take away your services.  I plan on pushing the limits on this policy during my final ten days in Buenos Aires.  Here I am with my friend Pia who works at my hostel, she is from Austria.

 Here is a picture of me in the Ecological Reserve of Buenos Aires.  The water behind me is the Rio Plata.  You can see straight out forever which is hard to find in water in Buenos Aires because there is land everywhere.  Keep in mind its a very short ferry ride to Uruguay.
 The beautiful beaches of Buenos Aires.  In order to swim you either have to go to Uruguay or South to Mar Del Plata.  Spring just started but all the nearby locations are all still too cold and windy to swim on almost everyday.  That is why I am going to fly to Colombia next.
 Beautiful nature views in the Ecological Reserve.
 Me and my friend Cesar from Venezuela with some backdrops of skyscrapers of Buenos Aires inside the ecological reserve.  Cesar is giving me all the best tips on how to make it on my next stop in Venezuela, after my short stint in Colobmia.
 Palm trees and awesome trails for riding.
 A sign that says do not swim.  Always listen to the signs in Buenos Aires.
 This sign says don't feed the crocodiles.  Cesar promised me that next time we come back I could strap steaks to him so we can see the crocodiles.  The crocodiles do not live in the sea, but in the nearby lagoons.
 Returning the bicycles to the estacione.  It can be difficult because everyone wants to ride bikes and there are long lines.
 After a good workout on free bikes decided to order my first set of Super Panchos.  Two super Panchos and a 500 ml pepsi set me back about 32 pesos (2 dollars).  They are hot dogs essentially with Papas on top (essentially hickory sticks).  The best part is all the sauces.  Mine had ketchup, Spicy sauce and mayonaise.
This picture is for my Mom and my coworker in Calgary Lorna who asked me to take more pictures with me in them.  In some ways I feel that super panchos are more than just a food, they are an essential way of being a human, kind of like Mate but not quite.  The other day I was walking home late at night and there were a bunch of kids eating super panchos in front of a late night tienda.  They were having a very merry time and singing songs about Super Panchos.  I learned a lot from these kids about the culture and lifestyle of this beautiful country.  (The avenue in the back is Av de Mayo and Piedras Street.)

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