Sunday, November 23, 2014

Banos, Ecuador

Kinda a funny name for a town.  It means Bathroom.  But it is named after the hotsprings and not a giant toilet.  A big volcanoe nearby which I think one day will erupt.  On the way into town we saw volcanic activity and huge steam pillows nearby

 One of the most popular things to do is ride a bike from Banos downhill to nearby watefalls and towns.  I rented a good mountain bike with disk brakes and front suspension shocks for ten dollars.  Here is a video of the trip:

The waterfalls are pretty enormous!
Banos is a small town of only 15 thousand people but lots of people on my travels have been talking about it.  It is a place to come to do extreme sports: mountain biking, ATVing, Ziplining, Bunjee Jumping just to name a few.
My friend from Ingleterra (England) named Fin.
Beautiful shot of the waterfalls.
Here the people eat guinea pig.  Thank god I have decided to be a vegetariano otherwise I might have actually eated this disgusting meal.
Hanging with my friend Fin from England and my other friend Michael from Holland. Beautiful bridge in the background that people bunjee jump off of.  Did a day hike in the mountains in the background and had a great time.  Everywhere you go in the Center Strip of Ecuador has beautiful mountain landscapes like this.

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