Sunday, November 2, 2014

Capurgana, Colombia to Panama !!!

Beach of Capurgana with an untouched Island.  There was many moments that me and my Argentinian friend contemplated swimming to this island but we never made it.

 Fish Market in Capurgana.  Fisherman bring their fish to the market everyday and then the vendors sell them to us.  Very Cheap and delioucous.
Waiting at the fish market with my friend Jay (left) from Finland and my friend Steve from England.  travelled to Medellin with these guys after we left Capurgana.

Woke up early one day with my Argentinian friend and we decided to walk to Panama.  It was only a two hour walk and it was nice to be back in North America, the only continent I had known until September when I arrived in Buenos Aires.  This is the view of Sapzurro, a small town still in Colombia on the way to Panama.

 Deep Jungle on the walk there but we only saw one snake and it was dead and no monkeys.
 Finally made it to Panama.  They wouldnt stamp my passport but I did have to talk to military personell.  After this
 Here I am with my Argentinian friend as we ride the boat back to Colombia.  Walking there took  a lot out of us.  Argentinians are the funniest people.  So serious and direct in the way they talk and very loud too.  They talk a lot but they have lots of funny jokes and sayings that usually translate into English quite well.  I cant wait to go back to ARgentina in a few months.
 Up close shot of this beautiful Caribbean Island near Capurgana.
 Nacho with his favorite island in the background.  One day he will make it there.
 Drinking Club Colombias with my Homeboy Steve from England.  this guy has been to four continents so far on this travel and he is heading to Australia next.  In cambodia he was in a bad motorcycle accident at night with no helmet and nearly died.  I am glad he is with me on on this trip.
 Night bike shot on the peer in  Capurgana.
Waiting for the boat to take us away from this beautiful Island Paradise.  Steve is not one bit happy about this.  In the background the town is being stocked up with new supplies.  the only available way to transport goods here is by boat from Turbo.

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