Thursday, November 6, 2014

Halloween in Medellin

New friends at the hostel.  From Left to right Jay (Finland), Diana (Montreal, Regina (Vancouver) and Steve (De Londres).
Big Botero sculptures in the center of Medellin.  This is Botero's hometown so he is bound to have a lot.

Another shot of Central Bogota.  Lots of amazing art, streets and museums.

Taking the gondola up the mountainside is actually a form of transportation that connects many Medellin citizens to the rest of the city.  How cool is it that you can ride a gondola to work.  Most of the neighborhoods around the gondola are middle to low class because they are the ones that typically live up the mountainsides.
Halloween with this rowdy group of individuals in a park in downtown Medellin.

Wearing pumpkin costumes.  Without the pumpkin I am supposed to be a lumberjack.

Shot from the mountaintop. Such beatiful red buildings everywhere.  All in all I like Medellin the best out of any of the cities in Colombia.  It is so modern with an amazing transport system.  It is not too touristy but it is still an amazing Colombian City.  The weather is 17 degrees all year long.  It does not get too hot or too cold.  It does rain a bit.  This place is paradise.

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