Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mean Streets of Medellin

 This is a gondola shot of one of the neighborhoods in Medellin.  For the average Medellin person the income is about $300 a month I am told.  That is not a lot considering it is a relatively expensive city for South American standards.  Lots of beautiful neighborhoods looking like this,
 A look down at the city from the top of the Mountain Gondola.  3 Million residents in this city and you can see the vast expanse.
 Had my beard shaved off finally,  I asked the guy at the empanada stand if he knew of a barber nearby.  Turns out he wanted to cut my beard for me for free.  It was Colombian National Day so the spirits were high in the streets and the empanadas were extra delicious.
 A square up the mountainside of Medellin during the Colombian National Day Festivities.  Man rides his Motorbike with a small baby on the front.  People on motorbikes constantly driving into the crowds of people but it didnt seem to disturb the flow of the people very much.

 Shot of another neighborhood up the mountainsides.  These are the best places to go to find the best food at the best prices.
Park in Medellin Suburb with a giant halfpipe.   Now that is how you spice up a park!

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