Monday, November 17, 2014

Cali, Colombia... The last stop in Colombia

 This was my last night in Medellin.  Was there for two weeks.  I had a blast.  I wish I could live there someday.  The people are nice, but not too nice.  Just the right level of nice.  These guys were really nice though.  Celebrating my last night with me in Medellin.  Loro on the left from Spain and the middle guy from Mexico City.  Practiced a lot of Spanish with them.
 On the bus on the way to Cali from Medellin, in the beautiful coffee region and jungle.  I know a lot of people that spent time in Armenia, Manizalez and Salento.  Unfortunately I had to miss these towns after spending two weeks in Medellin.  Definitely worth a visit though if you have the time.

On the way to Cali, Colombia.  Ranked the sixth most dangerous city in the world because of murder rate.    Everyone in the other cities of Colombia, Bogota and Medellin warned me about Cali.  Many said, "Dont go to Cali."  What Cali is most famous for, besides being dangerous is Salsa Music.  Unfortunately I do not like Salsa I have discovered after a month here and five lessons.  So I had to explore other areas of the city.
 Here on Saturday we have city street teams out cleaning the graffiti on a street, so that more artists can come and do different graffiti. Lots of good street art here.  On the right the police officer is using the spray paint can.  The police in Cali seemed nice but some of the locals warned me that they are very unfair and mean.
 Here is the Parque Estudiantes in San Antonio.   Colombia is so much about park culture.  It was my favorite thing about Colombia.  The nightlife really sucked actually but the park life was out of this world.  On a friday or saturday night you can spend the night barhopping and listening to shitty salsa music paying too much for drinks.  Or you can buy a box of aguardiente or rum, get a few plastic shot glasses and go to the park with your friends to drink and meet others.  It is definitely the most Colombian thing you can do.
 Here in the park for students they have street art demonstrations.
 Beauitful statue, people making street art and wonderful reggae music and hip hop. 
 Cali is definitely most known for salsa music.  There were so many people at my hostel here to learn to dance salsa and go out to salsa clubs.  If that is your thing Cali is a must see.  If that is not your thing Cali is still a must see.  This park party had reggae, hip hop and ska punk.  The emcee kept reiterating that Cali is not just about Salsa but other musics too.  It is a stereotype that the culture pushers of the city are really trying to challenge.  When the ska punk went on there was a huge mosh pit and someone got knocked out and had to be taken away on a stretcher.  Very exciting!!!

Cali is a safe city.  I promised myself that I would not walk around alone at night on the streets and I broke that rule within the first five minutes.  Best thing I ever did.  Discovered a delicious Argentinian Asado restaurant where I had delicious vegetarian pizza.
Made some friends from Australia.  Canadians definitely have their beef with Australians a little bit.  Especially people in Banff that have seen their town over run by Australians.  But I have found some amazing Australian friends down here.  Left is Scotty and right is Jock.  Me and Jock travelled together down to Quito together.  Australia sounds like it has lots of hippy beach towns, you can make good money cause the minimum wage is eighteen dollars an hour.  The only downside is things are very expensive.  I definitely want to go to Australia to work some day.  

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