Sunday, November 9, 2014

The City of Great Innovation

Medellin built a waterfall,in a park in what is still considered to be a fairly dangerous part of town.  But the investment in public infrastructure creates meaningul community spaces, rather than areas congested with drug trafficking.  Kids playing and running through the waterfall.

Beautiful graffiti art along this leg of the Electric Staircase transit line of Medellin, with my friend Diana from Pänama.
There are five of these electric staircases through the Barrio of San Javier.  It is up on the mountainside so a very difficult place to communte.  But it was made much easier with the cites investment in electric staircases.  Two of the five electric staircase stations are equipped with community centers for the public to use for community related events.  When we were there a large group of kids were learning Hip Hop Dance.  The cities investment in these type of projects adds so much culture and meaning to the citizens that live in these low income barrios.
The beautiful Metro Transit System of Medellin.  1 dollar to ride it anywhere in the city for as long as you want until you leave the station.  There are four separate lines that you can transfer between and two gondolas.  This is not even  including the bus systems.  For a city of three million people you need a good transit system.  Bogota was 13 million and they only had busses.  It was very congested commuter traffic.  Here they even have special lanes, overpasses and tunnels exclusively for busses that allow busses to travel very quickly even when there is bad traffic.
Some beautiful graffiti art along the transit line in Medellin.  If you want to see more of the beautiful graffiti art I have seen in South America so far check out my instagram

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