Monday, October 27, 2014

Gypsies of the Caribbean

I got stuck in Cartagena for way longer than I thought I would.  I really didn't like it at first but it started to grow on me.  And then slowly it turned into a vortex and I couldnt leave.  Here I am with my Venezuelan friends and we are in my new hostel for 5 dollars a night.  It was kind of a shit hole though but it was good to save money from the other fancy hostel I was staying at for 15 dollars a night.

 Pasqual from Venezuela.  This guy is the most Original Gypsy I have ever met.  He can talk his way with anyone to get really good discounts.  He came here with no money at all and he is finding a way to squeak by everyday and make it to Panama to start a new life.
 This guy worked the door at the cheap hostel.  He is from Chile but he is trying to save up money to go to Panama (like pretty much everyone I met in Cartagena).  After Panama he is going to Mexico, US then Canada.  I have a feeling I will run into him again.

My friends from Venezuela wanted to go to Panama.  I wasn't to keen on going back to North America.  But I was down for  a little bit of a journey.  From Cartagena we took a bus to Monteria for 25,000 pesos.  From Monteria we took a bus to Turbo for 40,000 pesos.
 In Turbo we paid to take a boat to Capurgana.  Capurgana is right beside the border to Panama in the Caribbean.  Here is the station in Turbo where you can buy the boat tickets.
 Turbo was definitely an interesting town.  A true Colombia town with no tourism but it is a port town.  Everyone rode bikes here, so many motos.  It was definitely a dangerous place if you spend a lot of time there.  Lots of drug problems with Cocaine and crack.  We had to spend the night here to wait for our ferry.  The next morning we walked around for three hours and I bought the cheapest rum so far in Colombia.  But quickly we got on a boat and out of this town.
 Here in Turbo we have the fish market.
 Waiting for the boat to take us to Capurgana. 
 Hanging in the main plaza and port of Turbo with Phillipe waiting for our two hour boat ride to Capurgana.  I had been hanging with this guy for a few days so it was gonna suck to leave him when he goes to Panama.  He has a job lined up with REd Bull already in Panama.  He talks so highly of Panama like it is heaven but I dont think that he has been there before.  I hope it works out for him there.  He sold everything he owned just to have a little bit of American dollars to go to Panama.  
 Look at the port in Turbo.  What a place!  I had a strong connection with Turbo even though I was only there for about 8 hours.
 On the boat to  Capurgana.  So Close to Panama!
 Made it to Capurgana.  This is where I say goodbye to the Venezuelans.  I have to stay here and check out this town.  It is so beautiful and so untouched.  You can only access it by boat or two planes per week.  There are no cars here or motos.  The truest Colombian Caribean town.

You can see that CApurgana is so close to Panama.  The Panama Canal does not separate Colombia and Panama, it is actually further north.  The South of Panama doesnt have much and there are no roads to Panama City and North.  You have to take a plane or a giant network of boats like the Venezuelans were shaping up to do.  One day I will visit Panama.  I think on my next trip I will fly from Canada to Mexico and see all of Central America, and definitely come back to Capurgana.
 Having lunch in Capurgana with my amigos while they wait for their boat to Panama.
 The wild flowers in Capurgana are so beautiful.
 This is the path that winds its way to my hostel.  The hostel I am staying at here is called the Bohemia.  Very nice hostel with shared rooms for 5 or 7 dollars a night.  A beautiful kitchen and bbq.
Girl rides her bike through the main park and town square of Capurgana.  Nobody every locks there bikes here even if you have a good one.  There is a couple bars, a couple grocerias, and one bakery in this area where the photo is taken.  In the nighttime it is filled with loud caribbean music and people drinking rum, whiskey and beer.  You don't really need to know the time or the day of the week here.  It is always kinda the same thing.  A beautiful, untouched beach town with amazing walks, beaches and people.  You can walk to Panama in one hour and there is a beautiful beach there.  I may do that tomorow.

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