Monday, October 6, 2014

My first Asado... And my last. Plus other Restaurant Adventures on a Rainy Day

 Had lunch with my friend Pavlo from Uruguay.  Watched the Boca vs. River Game.  These are the two biggest teams in the Argentinian league.  Everyone in the restaurant was tuned to the game including the waiters.
 Here is the shot with my friend Pavlo.  I met him on the buquebus here.  In true original gypsy style fashion he does not look at the camera when the Mozo took our picture.
 Picture of the soup I had for lunch.
 Went for Argentine Asado with this crew.  Asado is another word for a BBQ.   On the right are my friend Heinrik from Germany, and my friend Franco from Argentina.  Franco is a performer of Balet at the prestigious Theatro Colon here in BsAs.
 And here it begins.  All this delicious meat.  Lots of good steak and chicken.
at the end of the meal this was all the meat that nobody wanted to eat.  Top left we have Morcipan which is sausage made from pigs blood.  Bottom left we have intestines.  Bottom right we have liver.  I did try all three and my favorite was the liver least favorite the instestines.
for five people the price was 400 pesos.  about 6 dollars US per person using the black dollar rate.  This one was in Monserat which is a good neighbourhood to go for more traditional meals.
That being said my stomach is more upset today then even after eating dirty street food and non-stop empanadas and pizza.  I think it was the cows blood and intestines.  Franco the Argentinian ate it all and was not grossed out by it at all.

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