Thursday, October 16, 2014

Caribbean Coast of Colombia

i was sick and tired of the mountains and the cold life so i bussed it 17 hours to the Caribbean sea of 
Colombia.  This is 
Santa Marta, 
Colombia.  its a cheap beach town that the Colombians really like, but the beaches kinda suck.

So i bussed it to
Casa del Grande Surf school.  
Six bucks a night to camp on their beach.

** still i wanted to boogie board.  so i came to another small town called 
Palomino.  a quiet somewhat little hippie town on the coast.

Lots of people on the beaches with nice waves.  Hippies from
Argentina and
Uruguay selling bracelets too

** i would highly recomend the town of
Palomino if you are coming to 

Caribbean Colombia.  cheap accomodation. and if you go to town for your meals its very cheap too.  its a twenty minute walk from town to the beach or  1 dollar moto bike ride.

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