Friday, October 3, 2014

University Life in Montevideo

I read today that the average university student in Uruguay works 30 hours per week.  the average hourly wage works out to be $8.5 US.  The standard of living here is higher than in Argentina.  they are more of a liberal country than the very socialist argentina.  They did go through the same economic depression as Argentina in 2002 however they had a stronger economy before and they recovered better after, in this authors opinion. the currency is stable here and people have more faith in their own dollar.  That being said when you want to buy a house you always open a bank account in American dollars.

The picture here is of a university in downtown montevideo.  the poster hanging above is protesting the uruguayan occupation of haiti.  who would have known this tiny nation invaded haiti.  they did ao along with other nations such as
Canada and Brazil.  Although while most other nations have withdrawn their troops
Uruguay is still in the slow process of withdrawing all of its forces.  one day i would like to go to haiti but its an expensive airfare for a place that i would probably only want to spend a few days.  i have been to the island before on a trip to the dominican republic,  but i did not go into

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