Thursday, October 9, 2014

Day 1 Bogota

Here is a shot of the kitchen in my new hostel.  Its got nice supplies, is very clean and they serve free coffee and breakfast fo purchase. 
 My room.  Its  a private.  It costs me about 35000 pesos a night which is about $17.50 American.
 View from the balcony outside my room.  You can see the mountains.
Its also got chairs on the balcony but it has rained non stop since I got here and only more rain the forecast.  The Hostel is Bakana and its in the neighborhood of La Candeleria.  The address is 16 #2-86.  Its a nice neighborhood, very old fashioned with lots of historic sites, museums and old architecture, and chill pubs.  It even has nice cobblestone streets.  The nicest and most expensive region of Bogota is Zona G.  There you can stay in very fancy hotels for about $100 American.  Zona T or Zona Rosado is the neighborhood with all the clubs and discos.
 Downtown Candelera.  A historic building and lots of pidgeons in the plaza.
 This guy had a llama and you could pay him money to ride it and take a picture.  I took this picture for free though.
 Another famous building right in the main plaza in Candeleria.
 This guy is selling pain relief ointment on the street made with marijuana and coca.
 A shot of the streets and the famous Mount Monserrat in the background.  I plan on climbing it this weekend with some friends I have here that I met in BsAs,
 Downtown the main streets close to cars during the day and pedestrians can walk straight down.
 There were none of these in BsAs.  You are even hard pressed to find them in Canada because Tim Hortons has a monopoly.  Here its a real sign of high culture for a city to have these.  You can get one donut for about 1 dollar if you buy 3.
 Here is the most typical food of Colombia.  Arrepas!!!  Bread filled with cheese and lots of sauces to drench it with.  Two arrepas go for 2000 pesos or 1 dollar.
 Had the most delicious coffee of my life today.  It was a little small but tomorow I plan on bringing my own cup.  Coffee goes for 2800 pesos at this place.  You can get cheaper and smaller though.  They even used the espresso machine to whip the milk.

All in all lunch (arrepas, cheetos, coffee and churros for dessert) came to about 7200 colombian pesos or $3.50 american.
 They have free bicycle rentals here in Bogota too.
 They even let me rent a bicycle with this ID I found on the ground in Buenos Aires which is clearly not me.  Next time I do have to bring my passport though.
 Met these guys from Venezuela.  They are the Venezuelan National Downhill Longboard team here in Venezuela for the International Championships this weekend in the nearby hills and mountains.  They mainly only speak spanish except for one guy so I hung out with them all day learning Street Spanish.  I am improving so much with Street Spanish.  Leaps and Bounds compared to the classroom.  The classroom was key though to lay a foundation and help me focus on the important parts,
 Here is a shot of the Venezuelan longboarders (two traded their longboards for bikes).  I will be their official team photographer and videographer for the competition this weekend.  I cant wait to see how these guys bomb down hills.  Got a little taste of it in the streets today.
This group of Venezuela students confronted us in the street and wanted to interview me for a University project they were working on.  They wanted to know my opinion on people eating horse meat.  i answered them in good spanish but I did need a translator to help me understand their questions.

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