Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Montevideo Day 1

Alright.  arrived in Montevideo from Buenos Aires.  if you travel to Montevideo you have three options for transport

1. Buquebus
2. Seacat
3. Colonia Express

I found Buquebeus to be the cheapest.  Although it did mean taking a ferry from BsAs at midnight and arriving in Montevideo with no sleep  at 6am.  my return home will be two hours shorter because i paid extra for a fast ferry.

Colonia Express Is the cheapest if you are just going to Colonia.  But I wanted to see the big capital city of Montevideo. 

The secret to getting the cheapest fare with Buquebus is to book through the Uruguayan website, because everything iS more expensive when you pay in Argentinian pesos.  For Colonia express you have to book through the Argentinian website so that made it a little more expensive.  All in all, round trip with ferry and bus costs 60 US.

It was all very smooth sailing on the ferry.  This ferry had the best video game arcade collection I have ever seen.  Some real arcade gems from the early 90s.  I played a lot of Bust-A-Move AKA Bubble Bobble.  i would have set the High Seas high score World Record on the machine but I was forced to disembark the ferry before my game was up. 

I used AirBnB this trip to stay in a house with three others.  it only cost me twenty US dollars per night.  here is a link to the house i am staying at with some pictures

I realize my camera has no batteries left and i left my charger in BsAs.

The only picture i do have is of the bust-a-move machine.  in bust-a-move when you have three balls the same color they are supposed to explode.  Here there are three colors of blue that all look the same and my balls weren't exploding. 

Regardless of the lack of pictures, i can assure you i am in montevideo, uruguay.  i have the passport stamp to prove it. 

The other photo i have is of scotiabank.  My bank in canada!! They are known for buying banks in latino america.  unfortunately they are still charging their canadian carhokding customers a $6 US withdrawal fee down here.  Really bogus if you ask me!!! Gonna load up on American dollars here and bring them back to Argentina to exchange on the black market.  I will have to do a post on how the illegal black market of currency exchange works.  it makes argentina so friggin cheap!  seriously, do not pay for anything in advance when you come to argentina, besides your airfare, and bring lots of euros or american dollars.  Everything will literally be almost fifty percent off.  i will show you soon.


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