Thursday, October 9, 2014

Last Adventures of Buenos Aires

Another amazing night of dancing the tango in Buenos Aires.  I finally have the basic steps down pat and now I have to leave the city.  I plan on learning the traditional dances of Colombia very soon.  This is with my official Tango Partner Kate de Londres.
On my last day went to Chinatown in Buenos Aires.  It is in the barrio of Belgrano.
There are a lot of stores that look like this.  A great place to go to buy cheap trinkets and spare parts to furnish your place.
Had this donut.  It reminds me so much of the Simpsons.  To be honest it probably wasnt as good as Tim Hortons but it is fresh.
Also in Belgrano found this statue replic of the "statue of liberty".  Buenos Aires sister city is Paris though and not New York.
This is the best pízza place in all of Buenos Aires.  It is on Corrientes ave at about the 1200 block or so.  It is too bad that I found out about it only hours before leaving.

Now I Vamos to Bogota, Colombia

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