Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Pictures of Montevideo

beautiful, vibrant and colorful streets here.  suzuki tracker parked in front of a antique and watch shop.

 this building in the background was my favorite in the city.  so unique!  think its an important government building.
many statues of horses with men riding them in montevideo.

recieved a free tour of the theater solis.  i highly recomend this tour.  these uruguayan students were on a field trip and also got to do a rehearsal for us.  haaha no policies about FOIP in Uruguay :p Tour was in complete spanish so I practiced my comprehension.

 drinking uruguayan beer and eating cheezies.  i might look upset on the outside.  but with this delightful meal i am more happy than ever on the inside... except in my stomach. in uruguay cheezies are far cheaper than in argentina.  for some reason cheezies are really expensive there.  maybe frito lays doesnt make them in argentina and they have to be imported.  down here they are called "hornetos"

 end of the day.  time to go home but i am lost in montevideo.  looking for the house of my friend mercedes. arrow points this way on a street sign with her name.  i take the nearest bus going that direction.  sure enough i arrive home safely.

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